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Teen Romance Gone to the Wolves?

The Attraction to Teen Readers of Wolf and Passion

Passions reign supreme when it comes to teens and werewolf idols who have become the ultimate ‘bad boy’ attraction.

We cannot get enough as evidenced by the burgeoning bookshelves full of teen attractions to the supernatural.

Find out more about the hot new trend in teen lit from author Leah Prinzivalli.


He was wolf and passion as much as he was man. She let out a groan as he covered her body with his, burying his face in her neck, and pressing his lower body between her legs. He so wished he wasn’t wearing jeans, wished he could be inside her. Yet could he really do that to her? She was so pure, and he wasn’t. Still it didn’t seem to matter, Brother Wolf wanted to be with her.

The passage above is from Alyssa Brandon’s The Hard Mate, a romance novel chronicling the relationship between a 16-year-old werewolf and a 200-hundred-year-old pack alpha with baggage. It’s been read more than 22 million times on the online publishing platform WattPad and is currently making teenyboppers weak in the knees on, a site that exclusively publishes romance novels for teenagers. Right now on SwoonReads, The Hard Mate boasts a nine out of ten score for having what the site’s subscribers call “heat,” which is kidspeak for steamy romantic scenes.

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