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Romance Writers Who Are Breaking Out in Front

Sarah MacLean knows how to deliver when it comes to break out romance.

Kelly Faircloth recently submitted a review of some new romance novel writers who are setting the bar for the genre.

If you enjoy the surprise plot twist, then you won’t be disappointed with Sarah MacLean’s new reads.

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This is a series called Sheroes & Zeroes, about the people who defined our year in culture in both terrific and terrible ways.

As usual, I read a lot of romances this year, and I enjoyed most of them. I devoured Meredith Duran’s backlist, I started reading Courtney Milan, I damn near got a new tattoo after binging on Kit Rocha. I even finally read a Tom and Sharon Curtis novel (The Lightning that Lingers) and it was goddamned amazing.

But it was Sarah MacLean who really hijacked my reading list this year. She springboarded off my assumptions about historical romance novels to execute a real triple backflip of a plot twist. She got me but good and I love her for it. But we’ll get to the spoilers later.

MacLean is a historical romance novelist who’s really broken out in the last couple of years. She’s picked up two RITAs (awarded annually by the Romance Writers of America) and she writes a column for the Washington Post. In recent months, I’ve seen her books popping up in places I don’t always associate with romance, like the window displays at McNally Jackson and (with zero explanation) this NPR review of a Dunkin’ Donuts cronut ripoff. And it’s really easy to understand why. Her banter, for starters, is on point:

You can read her complete article here.