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Romance Publishers Desperately Seeking Manuscripts Now

Seven Romance Publishers Need Your Help.

Ever since the reading frenzy from 50 Shades of Grey, publishers are facing increasing demands for the romance fiction genre.

You can read all the details about where to submit your material and more specifics about how they are seeking from these seven publishers in this article posted originally on Freedom With Writing by Vanessa A McKinney.

With the anticipation and subsequent marketing surrounding the “50 Shades of Gray” books and movies, one thing is certain: sensual romance stories sell, and sell very well!

Here are 7 marketplaces that may get your sinfully sensual story into print now. I’ve tailored this list to include markets that are great for beginning writers as well as established authors. I looked at every angle I could think of from royalty payers, to those offering hefty advances against royalties, to those that offer quarterly payments.  My goal was to objectively explore every possibility for the aspiring erotica and romance writer.

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