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Prolific Romance Writer Sounds Off About Her Take on TERF

Romance Writer Sounds Off About her trans exclusionary radical feminist leanings

Recently interview byUSA Today this writer has 23 books reviewed already on Goodreads and of course she is available at Amazon.

The romance genre has more diversity than ever.

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One of the fairly regular commenters on GenderTrender is Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, a published writer of color. She’s been interviewed by USA Today, she has twenty-three books reviewed on Goodreads, and you can buy her books on Amazon. Basically, she’s a moderately well known author in the romance genre. She apparently is also a trans exclusionary radical feminist, abbreviated as TERF. Holcomb made a comment on the GenderTrender post “We must look, act and live the part” about the Planet Fitness story. In the comment, Holcomb writes that if she were still carrying a gun she’d shoot visibly trans women in gym locker rooms.

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