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In Romance, A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

Prepare Your Inner Artist To Connect With Your Writer’s Muse, All Inspired By a Single Picture.

Images are priceless in spurring the imagination to creativity as evidence by these pictures from National Geographic.

I was in Italy looking for love. On assignment for a National Geographic story that sought to scientifically explain it and its three stages—lust, romantic obsession, and long-term attachment—I roamed the streets searching for photographs to interpret that soul-searing, primal swamp of desire that rearranges our brains and our lives. I nearly walked by the solitary woman in the cafe reading a newspaper. But something about the white ruffle of her skirt and the deep tan of her leg attracted me, and I made a couple of frames and walked on. I didn’t think the picture had anything to do with my assignment. But when I got home and looked closer, I noticed the headline on what was actually a greeting card: Ai Lov You. In the end, I found that searching for an image of love is very much like searching for love itself: The harder you look, the harder it is to find. But when you least expect it, it sneaks right up on you.—Jodi Cobb

Credit: National Geographic In Post Picturing Love: The Stories Behind 8 Indelible Images