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How She Really Feels About 50 Shades of Grey

Kristen Lamb Tells It Like It Is When It Comes To This ‘So-Called’ Romance Novel

Enter Kristen Lamb. She writes a scathing piece on the ‘truth’ about 50 Shades of Grey’s attempt to redefine romance.

You go girl!

Smart women know what makes a real man romantic because she defines the rules for what that looks like.

See what Kristen has to say and prepare to be amazed and informed.


I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to go here, but alas, here we are. Today, 50 Shades of Grey the MOVIE will open for…*record screech* Valentine’s Day. Nothing says I love you like predatory emotional manipulation, sociopathy, abuse and non-consensual sex acts.

Find THAT on a Hallmark card.

And yes, I know there have been other kinky books like this, but 50 Shades sold over 100 million copies and the movie (despite ZERO plot) is expected to gross in excess of $60 million which means I just threw up a little in my mouth this “story” has tipped from fringe to mainstream and that scares me more than a little bit.

Check out her full post here