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How Lisa Kleypas Got Into Romance Writing

Lisa Kleypas Reveals How She Broke Into Romance Writing.

It all started out with just writing a book every summer and took off from there. Lisa shares a few hints about her upcoming new release Cold-Hearted Rake.

For those of you hungry for details on the upcoming book, which is due out in October, with the full cover at the bottom of the post: “The in-a-nutshell version is, this man who is from a blue-blooded family but a distant branch of the family inherits this estate that’s in horrendous financial condition,” Kleypas told me. “You’ve got this absolute playboy who wants no responsibility, loves to chase women, has never taken care of anything or anyone in his life. He is faced with this estate in ruins and all these tenant families who need him.” Naturally, he and the late earl’s beautiful young widow (who wants him to face up to his obligations) strike sparks.

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