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Gay Character in Woman-Buffalo Romance Film Brings Outrage

Remake of Disney Film, Beauty and the Beast, Includes Gay Subplot

Disney’s efforts to be inclusive by including a gay subplot has parents fuming.

Parents complained that not only was this a major change to the original story but it was not right to expose young children to the new content.

The Disney film studio is in damage control this week, as news spreads that its live action remake of Beauty and the Beast may contain a gay subplot, in what is being described as a first and now a last for any high budget children’s film. Conservative pundits and cinemas alike are protesting the “unnatural” inclusion, with concerned parents asking how they are supposed to explain to their children that a film featuring a talking candle has a character who falls in love with another man.

“It’s just wrong to expose children to such material,” said one parent protesting outside a cinema this morning. “Why, if they see gay characters at such an impressionable age, they may grow up thinking gays are just regular people who are part of the rich tapestry of a society that we live in, and I hate to think what that could lead to. They may even grow up to be gay, and we all know that the lack of gay characters in children’s films is the only thing stopping people from being gay up until this point.”