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Cinderella Trailer #2 Leaves Us In Suspense

Revamped Telling Of This Romance Classic Reveals More To The Story.

Things are not so predictable in the latest telling of this fairytale classic. You can check out the second trailer and catch a glimpse of the conspiracy for yourself.


Of course, fans of all versions of the classic story are all too familiar with the usual darkness that accompanies the romance — in particular from the heroine’s mean and meddlesome stepmother and stepsisters. But in the revamped telling that’s soon headed to the big screen, there’s a conspiracy.

Amid scenes of budding romance between Cinderella (Lily James) and Prince Charming (Richard Madden), others — even those on the side of Charming — are busy banding together to break the bond of true love.

See the whole story credit: Ree Hines in Todays Pop Culture.