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Are We Sexually Repressed and Proud of It?

Who Knew Romance Novel Writers had to deal with this subtle contempt?

When Emma Teitel set out to discover the truth about what makes a romance novel writer, she was surprised to discover how they have to deal with the turned up noses of those who view their work with disdain.

It can sometimes be subtle or downright snarky in delivery, but it doesn’t seem to dissuade the ardent lover who writes and published this unique genre for those who love to relish the stories in their private moments.

See for yourself more of what Emma Teitel discovered in her article here:

Joseph Friedman/Blueberry Hill Productions


When American filmmaker Laurie Kahn set out to make Love Between the Covers, a documentary about the women who read and write romance novels, she was struck by how often she heard the same story. It wasn’t a tale of beefy bodice rippers or love at first sight; it was a story about snobs. “I can’t tell you how many people I interviewed,” says Kahn, “who told me that people will walk up to them on a beach and say, ‘Why do you read that trash?’ ” Apparently, where lovers of romance novels go, contempt follows. Sometimes it’s subtle contempt—a raised eyebrow from a colleague, or a snarky comment from a friend (usually the kind of person who claims to read Harper’s on a beach vacation). Other times it’s more overt, even potentially damaging. When Mary Bly (pen name Eloisa James), an academic and New York Times bestselling author, began writing romance, she was advised to keep her fiction writing secret or risk not making tenure at the university where she worked.

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